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Loving you @ Thursday, October 27, 2011

Iloveyou , but it will not change anything .

Hmm , will sometime update my blog awhile to keep it alive . Haha :)
Tomorrow getting back report books .. my godd . I'm damn scared de , hope really can promote next year sec4 and will not drop my subs to na . ;pray hard ! ><
I think i really shouldn't waste time on him anymore , he doesn't love me at all , so whats the point of loving him deeply ? I hate myself , am ugly an fat . FML -'- Feel like shouting loud out now , but can't already night le haishh . I think i won't have a good relationship in future Gonna stop writing now , going sleep soon .


Loving you @ Saturday, July 30, 2011

I look at your direction but you turn back and walk away.

Ahhh , i finally got the chance to go SHINee concert 2011 ! Butt , quite disappointed because the seat were quite far away from the stage ! >: Sobsob ~ Sigh ..
No choice barhh ): Common test is coming too , hope can pass well ! Started busying with cca , haisss ! So tired too x.x , long time never go out liao siaak ! After school almost got remedial everyday ! Hate it to the max ! So tired liao , somemore got jitao after the last lesson straight go remedial -.- And hor ! Everyday got so many math lessons , wtf ! See his face everyday make me feel so siann zz -.-
I really hope this year i can promote to next year sec4 N/A ! ;pray !!! And wish this year chalat will be successful ! >< Alright , ended here .

buhyes ! :D

Loving you @ Monday, June 20, 2011

Love is always so complicated

Wowwww ~ So long never update liao woah ._.
My blogg is totally dead liao ): Haha , lazyy to update le .
These few months happened a lot of things , and i had sadness and hapiness .
This holidays , i had spent over $100 on clothes , Oh My Tian ! x.x
Cannot buyyy lee !! Now need to focus more on studies as this year so important !!
Must jiayou jiayou le ! <3 ((:
Hmmm , i may not be update soon .
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ...
Buhyesss ! <3 :DD


Loving you @ Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wow , my blog is super dead siol ! ._.
Hahaha , too lonq never post le . Lazy to update too . Busying playing fb ,hehe :X
Hais , miss the hip hop trainings so muchhhh uh ! >: Love it ttm , hope got another training aqain for our first performance(:
Finally is holidays , but it was so bored manzxc! Nothing to do de , also hardly can go out , need go skul for remedial somemore . Sign .
Today went Cca , we went to Zhenghua CC hear a talk . We got the banner competition 2nd position , so happy ! :D Hehe . 1 ended . Went JP with Simin , took Mrt go .
Go walk awhile then 3 plus go home le . Very tired x.x Reached home at 4 plus , went to bathe then use comp liao (:
Wont be updating oftenly.


Loving you @ Saturday, February 12, 2011

I guess my blog is very dead ? Hahas.
Too long didn't post le (: Today went out with Eileen . Had a great day with her almost whole day ! :D
1 plus bus to Bugis . Inside the bus is super hot de lorh! We went to shopshop.
She and i bought metal frame wallet . Then i bought a off shoulder tee(:
Then we two bought a same clothe but different colour . After that , go Junction awhile . Took Mrt to IMM as we wanted to see Derrick Hoh ! <3 0hmy!(:
We reached there at 4 i think , the autograph session start at 5 so we go walk walk first. Went to mac then go up aqain . It sudden rain sia , but nevermind . We waited quite long but is worth it (: When he came , everyone shout and scream to the max . Hahahahs. He very handsome siol (: He sang the sonqs was awesome! I love it :D
Then we 6 go le . We took Mrt to JP. We went eat lailai as dinner. Then we at there shop awhile then 8 like that went home. Took bus to bukit panjang interchange then go to plaza awhile . 9 plus reached home . Very tired x.x
Alright ended here .


Loving you @ Friday, February 4, 2011

Hmm.. post about yesterday de (:
Firstly go visit parent's friends house ~ Hehe , got angpow take :D
Hahah , very tired too >< Woke up very early .
Went 3 places take angpow :O
After that, went home then .
Eat reunion dinner . Got a lot of angpow(s) <3
Started to have headache , super de pain ): Went to sleep awhile .
Woke up liao , go Yishun. Went to cousin house bai nian . Hehe (:
At there played a lot , play poker cards . Win quite many money ~ Keke :D
Played very long . Then started to eat reunion dinner too . Haha , so funn with them(: After finished eating , play cards again. Hahahahahs.
Wanted to watch Homecoming , but all full liao x.x
We ordered pizza eat. So nice siol :D
12 plus went back home. Reached home then jitao go sleep le , very tired ><

Loving you @ Saturday, January 29, 2011

Missing you..

28th Jan:
Ytd was a very tiring day ~
2:30 start npcc, we change to full U. Got a badge test . We keep march and practice .
Got break also like no break like that, give so less time -.-
March like hell , keep get scolded .. But also quite fun uh(:
After the test , finally can rest le . Before dismiss , we all marched around the skul , haha. So fun sia :D
Then 7 ended , quickly go change .
Rush back home bath as going to Plaza Sing with sis . Tired ><
Took bus 190 go . Wth, inside the bus damn cold de. Keep shiver like hell .
When reached , went to eat Mahatton fish market . The food was delicious(: Hahahas.
Then walk walk awhile . Took bus go home . The bus was so packed , till people stand at the entrance there. We waited the next bus . Still got so many poeple , we just squeeze in . Hahas. Stand till tired uh , so many keep squeeze here and squeeze there . Whathefuck sia -.- Then expressway there got heavy jam , need to wait very long .. superr tired derh . Then 12 reached home . Jitao sleep liao . Superr tired day uh .
29th Jan:
Woke up at 1 . Shocked tio siah , dk i slept for so lonq . Hahah(:
Went to bath then , 3 go Jiayi house . Then go plaza with her and her sis .
Then went to Kopitiam eat(: After that , go walk walk . Bought a pen . Kekes :D
Dunknow can do what next , go walk around . Then outside raining heavily siol .
Go mac eat fries as nothing to do . 5 went home . Walk under rain ~ headache x.x Haisss .. these few days so tired . And .. i really veryy miss & love you .. ):
Sobbb . Ended here barh , nothing to post le.


Loving you @ Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nothing can place over you in my heart

Just now afternoon went out with Eileen . We 1:30 set off .
Took bus to Bugis . Super many people derh, stand till at the entrance door there .
Then slowly move in to the back . Inside bus litening to music , leg super tired and pain as sprained my leg ):
When reached , we jitao go to Street first . Wtf , at the traffic light so many many many people standing there . Need to squeeze then can move, argh .
We started to go shop shop(: We buy drink first then go up shop.
Eileen first bought a clothe , damn nice de (: Haha.
Then follow by me , bought a slipper. Keke :D
We went down shop shop , a lot people sia . Suffocating ><
Eileen bought another clothe , very cute uh (: Then walk walk walk , went in a shop.
Bought a clothe , which i had wanted for a lonq time le . Finally bought it :D
We decided to go Junction . The traffic light there got many people till so xia si ren woah . After awhile , we took Mrt to JP. Very tired .. need to stand aqain . Hais . Listen music aqain . At JP, we shop shop awhile then 5 plus went to eat lailai as dinner (: Eat till very full uh x.x
7 plus took bus back home . Went to Eileen house awhile till 9 plus(:
Reach home le then go bathe liao . After that play comp si ! :D
Had a great day with Eileen today ! (:


Loving you @ Friday, January 21, 2011

I want you back ..

Today was so tired siol !
Morning got math class test , dun know how to do . Comfirm fail de .
Then PE. Run at ouside skul(: Ran 2 rounds . Hahas :D
After that recess . Bought nuggets to eat with Jiayi and Yahui(:
After recess is Eng . Hate it .. >< Siann , do worksheet -.- Boring to the max .
Then Geog . Write notes , then slack slack slack till ended .
Went home take Npcc thingy .
Meet Yahui and Simin @ plaza . 2 went back to skul . Quickly change to half U .
Today training is tired de , keep march march march .. D; 4:30 early went back home prepare for tuition .
Ended at 7 . Very sleepy. Went back home eat dinner. Then go wash uniform and clothes . After that , go play comp liao (:


Loving you @ Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I love you , i need you

This few days are driving me crazy , got so many homework need to do !
Fed up sia , this year is super stress de .. ):
Must face the fact x.x Today got a lot of homework plus math is damn damn hard de ok ! Argh .. ><
Today after skul went plaza with Jiayi . Meet Wenxue too . Went to mac eat .
After that at there do homework . Tired D:
Then went to library slack awhile . Study for tmr chem class test :x
6 plus went home . Reach home liao then go eat dinner .
8:30 then go to bathe :x hehehehs .

buhyes .

Loving you @ Saturday, January 15, 2011

Woke up at 10 plus , went to prepare to go Jiayi house(:
11:50 like that reached her house . So call do chemistry homework .
After that , Wenxue came too . Waiting her to do finish homework then go plaza eat lunch . About 1 plus go then . Went to eat baked rice , very full :x
After finished eating , went back to her house aqain . Jiayi comtinue to do her homework . We 4 plus went to lot one eat . After that go walk walk . Bought a packbag and earpiece :D Love it manzxc .
6 plus went home . Took Lrt with Jiayi . Met Eileen at outside Lrt station which we going to plaza . Eileen bought her dinner back home . Raining too ~
Reached home at almost 8 soon . Went to bathe then . Then went to do homework liao (:


Loving you @ Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hmm.. these few days do nothing much . Just after skul go plaza slack then go home le . Homework getting a lot ): Hais .. feel so stress .
First period is physics then social studies (:
After that recess . Then 4 period of math x.x Ohmy ~~ ><
But quite fun de uh (: Hahahahs.
After that lunch then CE . 2:30 dismissed .
Went plaza with Jiayi and Wenxue . Go kopitiam eat lunch .
Go library do homework (: 4 go home le .
Reach home at 4:20 , went to bathe to prepare for tuition .
8 went plaza with Eileen . Went Kfc eat . Reach home at 9.


Loving you @ Friday, January 7, 2011

Haisss , these few days already so stress le .. ):
This year need to work very hard on studies le >< Sobb .
Today lesson quite boring . Very tried . 12:30 released.
Went back home after that . Didn't go for Cca :x
Going lotone watch movie with sis . We watching 'The ghosts must be crazy'
We watch 2:20 derh(: Hehehes . The movie quite funny derh :D Hahahas .
After finished watching , went to food juction eat as dinner . Ate tapayaki(:
Went to plaza after that . Bought a jacket <3 (: Love it very much .
Then then go home liao . Reach home then go bathe le .


Loving you @ Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today is the first day of skul , not use to it early wake up ><
Very tired wake up early in the morning ):
Woke up at 6:10 , quickly go prepare. Meeting Jiayi,Yahui & Wenxue @ 7 (:
Reach school le , go parade square assemble. Siann , index no.1 aqain -.-
Hate always sit the first de , haisss .
Go back to class after morning assembly. Cc and Acc quite good de (:
At class quite bored >< Tired siahh .
10:15 go to recess , after recess got assembly talk -.-
Veryyy de siannn ! Want to sleep liao lor .
Then 12 , went back to class do class decoration . Hahahs.
2:30 ended skul x.x Went to plaza with Jiayi after that.
Meeting wenxue too . Went to Kopitiam eat lunch(: Feeling want to vomit , dun know why >< Haisss.
Then then go walk walk . Meet Eileen , walk together . 4:45 go home with her (:
Reach home jiu go sleep liao , very tiredd ):
Woke up at 7. Then go bathe liao . Now playing compp (: